MB "Buhalterijos kursas"

Mūsų veiklos kursas (lot.  cursus - bėgimas, kryptis, eiga) veda kompetencija bei daugiamete patirtimi grįstu keliu, kurio kryptis ir tikslas - padėti sėkmingai vystytis Jūsų verslui. 

We are a young company , but nevertheless each and every member has a long year experience at fields of statement accounting and law. Thus we can offer you work of high quality. Furthermore, our work activity is insured by professional insurance. We offer you flexible variants  which can satisfy all of your needs. 

Accounting services:

  • Full accounting management, all of the usual statement accounting including the calculation of payment for work.
  • Calculation and declaration of taxes, representation for tax and social authorities, (Sodra), department of statistics and other institutions for whom your company has to fill reports.
  • Preparation of financial reports which would be formed according to the needs of the client.
  • Consultations about taxes, estimation of risk and tax surroundings while planning new activities.
  • You already have an administrator or an accountant working for You, we are just offering Chief accountant services, with the right for Your employees to join accounting program and keep primaries records into.


Other services:

  • Establishment, liquidation and reorganization of companies.
  • Granting the registration address for companies making accounting services also.
  • Forming contracts.